Casey Anthony likely to get million-dollar offers from the media

In a verdict that shocked America, the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. She was however found guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement.

As she was only convicted of misdemeanor offenses, she could be released from jail as early as Thursday when her sentence will be decided.

If that happens, she will surely be assaulted by offers from networks and tabloids for her first interviews.

Crisis management expert Gene Grabowski commented on the case: “It seems inevitable that Casey Anthony and her family will try to capitalize on their situation and that they will hire a publicist, and perhaps even an agent, to identify and sort out immediate opportunities. No doubt her legal counsel will also want to limit her exposure and ensure she is careful with any statements she might make.”

He continued: “Casey and her family have a short window of opportunity on which to capitalize – probably no more than a few months. It is generally acceptable for someone like Casey, who is not a traditional public figure and who is without substantial income, to accept a fee for a big, exclusive interview with the likes of ABC’s 20/20 or Oprah.”

Others speculate that Casey could even get as much as $ 1 million for a full interview.

So far, Casey got $200,000 from ABC for the exclusive licensing of personal photos and videos which were later broadcast on G.M.A., World News, Nightline and the news show 20/20.