George Clooney’s best friend talks about his breakup with Elisabetta Canalis

“I always knew that it wouldn’t last,” Manuele told Chi magazine.

“To be honest I was expecting it,” he says. “All I can say is that George, when it comes to love, has decided that he is not going to get married again and he is not going to have any children and he won’t change his mind.”

Malenotti, who introduced the couple two years ago at a dinner, also dismissed rumors that the eternal bachelor was gay and that his relationship with the model was simulated.

“I introduced them, I saw them together and I can say that their love story was very intense. In two years they shared numerous moments,” he explains.

“He opened the doors of his life to her, introducing her to his friends and family. I totally exclude that it was all made up…I have spent a lot of time with him and a lot of women have passed through his life. You never know in life, and men are having an identity crisis but I can tell you George is not gay.”

His best friend also said that the couple’s separation came after an altercation at George’s home in Italy, following an interview by Elisabetta where she said that marriage could soon take place.

“Big stars like George need people by their side to help them and they are always under immense pressure. For a partner it’s never easy because everybody has their own requirements,” he said.