Jennifer Aniston found comfort in shooting The Break Up after Brad Pitt divorce

After years of separation, the Friends star talks about how what helped her turn the page.

The actress confided during her interview with James Lipton for her Inside the Actor’s Studio appearance that this particular experience inspired her for her role in the film, ironically titled, The Break Up.

“It was a beautiful human story about a couple breaking up…You know, I was slightly familiar on the topic and the issue,” Aniston said.

The 42 year-old actress adds: “I honestly felt like, what a great way to sort of exorcise some of that. I was like, why not? Turn the page, let’s move on.”

And when the moderator asked her if she took pleasure in shooting the film, Jennifer replied: “I enjoyed it! You’d think otherwise.”

Five years later, Jennifer is in a relationship with Justin Theroux and even puts her career on hold for him as she’s decided to take a break.