Casey Anthony refuses to let mom Cindy visit in jail

This was Casey’s parents first attemmpt to speak to her since she was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

According to the Orange County Jail visitation log, Cindy Anthony made an appointment to visit her 25-year-old daughter Friday at 7 p.m., but Casey Anthony denied the request.

A jail spokesman said, “This morning under policy, Casey was told of the visit and she has declined the visit so it will not occur,” reports Reuters.

Cindy reportedly showed up without her husband George Anthony.

Casey is known to be estranged from her parents. During her trial, as Cindy mouthed the word “I love you” to her daughter after testifying, Casey rolled her eyes and looked in another direction.

Recent reports reveal that Anthony will be the only second inmate in the past 15 years to not walk out the front door of the jail lobby when she is released and the jail admitted that a secret exit is planned for her protection.

Noelle Bush, daughter of former Governor Jeb Bush and niece of ex-President George W Bush, is the only other inmate who received the same special treatment as the Secret Service believed she could be targeted by terrorists.

Casey Anthony will be released from jail on July 17.