Casey Anthony lawyer insists she is innocent


Besides defending Anthony, Mason is also known to the public as the lawyer who gave the finger to someone outside the bar where he and his mates were celebrating their victory with a champagne party after the “not guilty” verdict was given.

In an interview with NBC, Mason said that the person was a “stalker that had been stalking our defense team morning noon and night every day of the trial, yelling obscenities and threatening and trying to embarrass and expose Mr Baez, myself and the others on the team. [He] went so far as to even ask some of the women on our team on the street if they were on their periods.”

“That little non-human person deserved what he got and he’s fortunate he wasn’t in the room,” he added.

Regarding the defendant, the lawyer insisted that Casey Anthony was innocent: “I do believe her story. I believed it from the first time I met her. Several weeks before I formerly was on the team I went to her home, her room where all the photographs are and talked to her.”

Mason clarified his point: “I have never for one minute had any doubt at all. She did not kill her child. Period.”

Anthony’s defense team claimed that Caylee had actually drowned in the family’s pool and even went as far as alleging that Anthony’s twisted behavior (lying to investigators, partying during the month her child was missing) were all a consequence of the fact that she had been sexually abused by her father when she was a child.

As for where she will go after her release, Mason said: “I don’t know and if I did I wouldn’t tell you.”

“We’re all concerned about her safety and her future. I don’t know that anything is ever beyond repair. [but] I think with her parents that’s pretty well burned,” he added.

Casey Anthony is set to be released from jail on July 17.

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