Halle Berry called 911 twice over the weekend because of intruders

The first incident took place Saturday when the actress contacted the police to report that an unknown person jumped over the protective wall and was seen in the front yard of her house.

As Halle and her bodyguards came out of the house immediately, the intruder climbed the wall and disappeared.

However, on the night of Sunday to Monday three police cars and a helicopter were sent at her residence. The actress was at her kitchen window and saw a man staring at her and holding a book.

By the time the police arrived, the intruder was gone.

According to media reports, the intruder might have been a paparazzo who wanted to take a shot of Halle Berry.

This hypothesis, however, was denied by a source who told E! News: “There is absolutely no way it was a paparazzi. The crew that works Halle are professional photographers. Halle, Gabriel and her current boyfriend Olivier Martinez all know those guys. They wouldn’t do anything stupid like hop over the fence. If one of the paps hopped the fence, you’d be sure another pap would have shot him doing that, because they’re so competitive.”