Russell Crowe tweets progress on weight loss

Starting with a bike ride on June 18, the Australian actor is keeping his Twitter followers up to date about his exercising routine and diet program.

“First ride in quite some time. Sore legs, sore a**, be worse tomorrow and the next day,” he wrote last month.

Currently on a training period of 105 days, his diet plan includes “taking in roughly 2400 cal/ 2600 cal incl all beverages,” but he admits that it’s not all “body movement with weighted objects” and “sweaty 4-shirt mornings.”

“If i stop exercising my body tries 2 return 2 its heaviest weight,” the actor explains.

We’ll see if the diet was successful at the end of this summer. Until then Crowe enjoyed some quality time with his son Tennyson and wife Danielle Spencer.

“Yesterday my 5 yr olds birthday,” he tweeted on Friday. “Nothing but Lego.”