Princess Charlene’s father on his daughter’s wedding: “It’s for real”


The wedding of Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II of Monaco was definitely a beautiful event to watch.

However, the ceremony was also overshadowed by persistent rumors alleging that Charlene had attempted to flee a few days before the nuptials. At the time, it was her father who first vehemently denied the allegations.

After the wedding, various press reports claimed that the princess had struck a deal with the prince according to which she could divorce him only after giving birth to an heir.

Mike Wittstock denied the allegations in an interview with the Burger newspaper: “I don’t know where the rumors are coming from.”

In addition, as the couple enjoyed their honeymoon in South Africa last week, the press reported that the two newlyweds had stayed at different hotels several miles apart for at least one night.

The father of the bride took the opportunity to explain the fact: “Charlene stayed at the Oyster Box Hotel and Albert stayed at the Hilton Hotel. This is because Albert attended the conference for the International Olympic Committee, which was held at the Hilton.”

The couple’s South African trip was quite busy for a honeymoon.

They attended cocktail parties with Olympics chiefs in Durban, and had lunch with South African president Jacob Zuma at his seaside residence, among other formal events.