Casey Anthony jury calls her partying “heinous” and “disgusting”

The 12 people who had to decide Anthony’s fate said that they were “disgusted” by her behavior and “sick” over having to give the not guilty verdict. However, this was their job.

The foreman explained in an interview with Fox News that Casey’s twisted behavior and the fact that she was or wasn’t Caylee’s murderer are two different things.

“We were asked … to convict on cause of death,” juror No. 11 said. “That’s something that, although it is disgusting, it is heinous, we weren’t really able to take into consideration with the verdict.”

The jurors ultimately found Anthony not guilty of murder, but guilty of lying to police during investigation.

“We knocked those out right away because the evidence was there,” he said, referring to the four misdemeanor charges she received.

The juror revealed, that at the beginning of deliberations the vote on the murder charge in the jury room was 10-2 to find Casey Anthony not guilty, but that less than 11 hours later, it changed to 12-0.

The foreman also explained that they considered the physical evidence when deliberations began. These included a jailhouse video of Casey Anthony reacting to news reports that a child’s body had been found near the family’s property.

The video was considered so inflammatory that it would have infringed upon her right to a fair trial.

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