Daniel Baldwin’s wife threatened to kill him, actor files for divorce

“Due to recent events in our home and for the safety of my children and myself, I have made this decision,” he said. “I have had my share of problems with drugs and alcohol many years ago and know first hand how difficult a position she is in.”

In a declaration written by Daniel Baldwin and obtained by TMZ, Alec Baldwin’s brother claims that his wife had threatened to kill him with a knife.

In the declaration, Daniel describes how Joanne once said she had just watched a documentary on women who kill their husbands and said, “Now I know how to do it, I understand why they did it. You have been warned.”

As their two daughters heard the comment, they asked him, “Is Mommy going to kill us?”

In the document, he also details how “She screams over money and proceeds to wake both children up by screaming and throwing objects around the house.”

Joanne, who Daniel claims is “highly intoxicated in our home,” has punched him in the head, pulled a knife on him and hit him in the face with a phone, according to the actor.

The climax was reached when she went into a “violent rage” after an argument with her mother. The actor says she brutalized him and he was forced to call the police.

His wife was considered unfit to care for the kids and Baldwin was given temporary custody.