Angelina Jolie “Can’t Take It” – Brad Pitt “Mystery Woman” revealed by OK! magazine

The mag also claims that Angelina Jolie allegedly breaks into jealousy fits whenever Brad hangs around with a young assistant and “can’t take it.”

The cover of the magazine features Brad and “the other woman” on the Malta set of his new zombie thriller, World War Z.

“Brad resents Angelina tries to control him,” a source says. “He told Angelina outright, ‘I’ve always had women friends, I’m always going to. End of story.’”

Insiders also claim that behind Angie’s confident posture there are insecurity issues that are driving Brad crazy…in both negative and positive ways.

“Of course, there’s a part of him – even though he would never admit it – that likes it,” the source reveals. “Angelina is usually so cool, unaffected.”

“She’s this kind of untouchable woman, and when she shows some jealousy, it lets him know she has a weak spot – and that she’s crazy about him.”

[Photo: OK!]