Marc Anthony’s life after Jennifer Lopez divorce

On Saturday night, Marc Anthony seemed unaffected by the recent dissolution of his marriage to Jennifer Lopez. At one point during his concert in Bogotá, Colombia, he even made a joke, telling the cheering crowd, “They’re saying I’m single.”

However, sources close to the 42-year-old singer describe his as rather aloof and visibly sad prior to the concert.

“I saw him when he was passing through the stage, but I think because he split up the day before, he didn’t allow anyone to talk to him or anyone to come to his dressing room,” Spanish TV presenter Eva Rey told People.

Rey was supposed to introduce Anthony at party held prior to the show, but Anthony failed to appear.

“The people who worked with him said he was a little bit upset, so because of that, they tried to keep everybody from him,” she says.

Also, according to another source, unlike usually when he preferred to roam around town, Anthony chose to stay in his hotel room.

“Everything he ordered was by room service. He was distant from people,” the source reveals.

However, all that gloomy atmosphere went away as soon as he got on stage.

“He’s a performer. He is as confident as all the band members are,” his guitarist, Mario Sebastian, says. “The show always will go on.”