Prince Albert and Princess Charlene express outrage at rumors


Albert II of Monaco and Charlene have returned on Wednesday from their honeymoon in South Africa. Just hours after their arrival, the prince demanded to speak with editors of three news outlets on the allegations surrounding his marriage.

“We want to express our outrage about these rumors. It’s unbearable,” he told Nice-Matin, one of the three newspapers summoned to the palace.

“What is regrettable is that the media seized on these rumors without verifying their information,” Albert continued, as his wife stood by his side, holding his hand. “I find it unworthy of your colleagues. I have always respected the freedom of expression. But the dissemination of false information is lamentable and subject to criminal penalties.”

The origin of his anger are the articles about Charlene’s alleged escape attempts before the wedding, as well as the couple’s honeymoon in South Africa where the bride and groom haven’t stayed in the same hotel for a while.

In addition, the media claimed at one point that a secret pact exists between the Prince and Princess of Monaco, allowing the former athlete the opportunity to divorce, provided that she gives her husband an heir to the throne.

“Sometimes these rumors made us smile, such as when the media explained that the princess and I had not slept in the same hotel in South Africa. It was for practical reasons of course,” Albert is quoted as saying.

From July 9 to 20, the couple was in Mozambique. It was, according to the prince, “a wonderful stay. We were not disturbed. It was a dreamy atmosphere.”

“There are people in Monaco who seek to harm us,” the sovereign said, without giving names. He refused further questions.

When asked whether she had anything to add, Princess Charlene responded: “No. I think that says it all.”