Al Qaeda’s first cartoon is released

The movie is said to contain scenes of “heroic acts” including “armed engagements”.

The al-Shamouk jihadist website contained stills from the cartoon.

The post published on the website is authored by a certain person identifying himself as Abu al-Laith al-Yemen.

He describes the film: “The cartoon movie al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is a very exciting story that tells the facts about who let down the Islamic religion and the Prophet…”

“It aims to catalyse the youth and the children to follow the steps of Islamic jihadist figures. It includes real incidents and features heroic actions by the mujahideen in the Prophet’s peninsula.”

“These incidents include raids, armed engagements and assassinations.”

Boetman Norman, an expert on the jihadist movement, believes that whether the cartoon will be released or not, this incident demonstrates a significant change of attitude of Al Qaeda towards the media and shows the organization’s attempts to the optimize new methods of recruiting the youth.

“They are trying out new methods to make terrorism exciting to young people and even to children,” he comments.