Carla Bruni-Sarkozy angry at pics in French magazine Gala

These photos were published in the magazine without the approval of the First Lady of France.

The photos were taken on July 14 at Fort Brégançon, the presidential retreat during summer, by the editor of French newspaper Nice-Matin, when Carla Bruni hosted the wives of navy officers fighting in Libya. The pics were published in the magazine Gala “without any authorization” from the First Lady of France.

This incident has prompted her to file a complaint against Gala. The photos were meant to be published exclusively by Nice-Matin, but were apparently resold to Gala.

In a letter to the vice-admiral at Toulon navy base, in which she expresses her “stupefaction”, she asks him to convey her “embarrassment” and apologies to the ten women, inviting them at the same time to join her in order to obtain compensation. The money obtained would be donated to a charity that looks after navy orphans.

The editors at Gala claim they bought the photographs from MaxPPP, the agency that distributes and sells photographs to the regional daily press.

The agency made the images of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy available “to all its clients, not just Gala,” according to the editor of this magazine, Matthias Gurtler.

He added: “We have an order that guarantees that we have the right to publish the subject on ‘Carla Bruni’ made by Nice-Matin on July 14 and the accompanying interview. The only conditions were to cite and credit the newspaper, which has been done.”

[Photo: Gala]