Amy Winehouse about her life over 10 years: “Dead. Dead in a ditch, on fire.”

When he heard of her death, the journalist remembered the words of the singer and mentioned that it “was a joke, not a prophecy.”

Chris Wilman: When your first album came out, someone asked where you’d be 10 years from now, and you said…

Amy Winehouse: “Dead. Dead in a ditch, on fire.”

When she first met Winehouse, it was in her cabin sample from “The Tonight Show.” Hardly, the journalist convinced her to give him an interview.

“Sorry, I’m really s—ty at interviews. I’m not great at talking about…I just think…the songs are enough,” said Amy.

When the journalist asked her about the story behind the song “Rehab,” Winehouse told : “We were walking down the street, on our way out to the pool hall, and I sang out of nowhere, like a joke,” she said.

“And Mark was like, ‘Who’s that?’ I said, ‘It’s no one, I just made it up.’ He’s like, you should do that as a song, it’s funny. And I was like, it’s true,” she added.

In the interview, the singer, then newly engaged to Blake Fielder-Civil said he was “a very romantic person.”

Chris Wilman : Do you feel like you’re a true romantic, or is there a cynicism that keeps you from being the ultimate romantic?

Amy Winehouse: “No, I’m a very romantic person. I’m romantic about everything.”

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Amy Winehouse was found dead on July 23 in her apartment in London. She was 27.