Amy Winehouse’s parents visit fans’ tribute at her London home

Hundreds of flowers, letters, poems, framed pictures, empty bottles and cigarettes, have been laid on the pavement outside Amy’s home in Camden since news of her death.

This morning, Amy Winehouse’s parents Janis and Mitch, her brother Alex and her ex-boyfriend Reg Traviss paid a visit to the memorial.

They met the fans and reporters still present and were touched by the people who had come to pay their respects

Moved, Mitch Winehouse, the late singer’s father, was keen to speak to the crowd: “I know a lot of you, we’ve been together for five, six years, I know you’ve got a job to do. I’m glad you’re all here anyway And you people in the street, I can’t tell you what this means to us – it really is making this a lot easier for us.”

“Amy was about one thing and that was love, her whole life was devoted to her family and her friends and to you guys as well. We’re devastated and I’m speechless but thanks for coming,” he continued in front of the fans in tears.

Janis, Amy Winehouse’s mother, broke down in tears and sought comfort from Mitch and her son Alex.

Also present was the singer’s ex-boyfriend Reg Traviss who could not hide his grief. The two had broken up last month because of her destructive habits. Winehouse was said to have been “devastated” by the split.

Earlier in the day, they had to formally identify Amy’s body at the St Pancras Coroner’s Court.