Katy Perry wears her character for the premiere of The Smurfs

At the New York premiere of the film, Katy Perry became a real Smurf.

After dying her hair blonde, the singer wanted to get into the skin of Smurfette, to whom she lends her voice in the film alongside Neil Patrick Harris.

Katy wore a very light white strapless dress emblazoned with a picture of her character, Smurfette, in sparkling sequins on the front.

And she played the game all the way as even her nails were decorated with the face of the character.

On the way to the event, Perry tweeted: “Headed to SMURF VILLAGE for the premiere of The Smurfs!!! I’m SMURFETTE!!! I’m blue… aba de aba die aba de aba di aba de aba di! YAY!”

The Smurfs is Katy’s film debut. The eccentric singer is also set to appear in the upcoming family film, The Muppets.

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