Amy Winehouse’s ex Reg Traviss: “a beautiful, brilliant person and my dear love”

After her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil was said to be “inconsolable,” it’s her ex-boyfriend who talks about Amy Winehouse’s death.

Yesterday, Reg Traviss, along with the singer’s parents, paid an emotional visit to the shrine Amy’s fans have made outside her London home where she was found dead. Reg remained sober and chose not to spill on his pain.

“The last three days have been hell. We have suffered a terrible untimely loss and want peace now,” Traviss, a film director, told The Sun.

“I can’t describe what I am going through and I want to thank so much all of the people who have paid their respects and who are mourning the loss of Amy, such a beautiful, brilliant person and my dear love. I have lost my darling who I loved very much.”

The director also pointed out that the singer seemed upbeat recently.

“She has been full of life and so upbeat recently, exercising everyday and doing yoga. This terrible thing that happened is like an accident,” he explained.

Mitch Winehouse, the singer’s father, was grateful to Reg Traviss for the positive influence he had on his daughter.

“Reg has been dignified throughout his relationship with Amy. The family love him dearly. He’s a good guy,” a source cited by the tabloid said.

“What happened in their life together remained private because he was determined to help get her back on her feet properly. He wasn’t interested in the limelight – unlike a lot of her exes.”

“When Reg was around, Amy was a different girl,” the insider added. “He was a calming influence and kept her away from trouble. He really cared for her. When he was away working, the parasites always crept back in and dragged her into the gutter.”

Amy Winehouse, who died last Saturday of causes still unknown at this time, will be buried today in a private ceremony.

According to sources, her family believes it was either a heart attack or a fatal seizure that killed her.

“Amy’s family are expecting the outcome to be a heart attack or seizure and will be really shocked if it’s not,” a source said.