Amy Winehouse’s friend Alex Folden: She saved my life

Alex Folden said: “Amy always told me she thought she would die young and that she knew she’d become a part of the 27 Club. Although everyone around her knew it was going to happen, it was still a shock. I’ve been crying pretty much ever since I heard,” reports Daily Mail.

Folden aso revealed that the singer spent £130,000 to send him to rehab and credits her with “saving his life”.

Since then, Alex has opened the Alex Foden Foundation that offers support to addicts. He also hoped it would be “a wake-up call” for his friend.

In an interview with The Mirror, the celebrity stylist recounted how Amy panicked during the shooting of the video for Back To Black in 2006 as she had to throw earth over her own coffin.

“That video was tragically prophetic,” he remembers. “What’s really devastating is that I think Amy knew it all along. She had a virtual panic attack on set after seeing the grave with ‘Here lies the heart of Amy Winehouse’ on the headstone.’”

“Amy’s name was eventually removed from the tombstone as they continued shooting the footage and Alex calmed her down by bringing in ‘a few hot toddies so she could get through the whole ordeal.”

However, Folden concludes that Amy would still be alive if she and Blake Fielders-Civil had a child as she very much longed to be a mum.

He recounted how she was once devastated after two pregnancy tests turned out negative.

According to reports, the singer’s funeral was held today. Her ex-husband Blake couldn’t attend as he is currently in prison. He is said to have been left out of her will.

Sources say Amy’s parents want to mix her ashes with those of her grandmother Cynthia, who died of lung cancer 5 years ago, as they were very close.