Apple’s iPhone 5 launch date: 5 September in the US, 5 October in Europe?

The information is said to be coming from a senior Swisscom executive. However, Apple hasn’t released any official statement regarding the matter.

After being absent at the last WWDC in June, the next Apple smartphone is said to arrive on September 5.

However, it was during the same the conference that Apple mentioned a “product transition” in the fall.

Previous estimates about a possible launch date this autumn are consistent with this rumor.

In addition, as Apple offers jobs starting from late August to strengthen its Apple Stores in North America and UK, rumors of an approaching launch date have sparked.

Rumors regarding the characteristics of the new gadget include an 8MP camera and a larger screen.

The Swisscom executive revealed that the launch date for the new iPhone is September 5 for the US and October 5 for Europe.