Charlie Sheen’s ex Denise Richards on explaining addiction to her daughters

The actress went on the Today show this morning to promote the release of her new memoir The Real Girl Next Door, which will be on sale Wednesday.

In the interview, Matt Lauer also asked her about her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen.

“The man I fell in love with is very compassionate, humble, has a wonderful heart and the behavior that a lot of us saw in the last six months is not the person I met and fell in love with,” she said.

Asked if she worries about her ex-husband Richards responded: “Of course. He’s the father of our children… [But] he’s also a survivor. If anyone can pull themselves together, it’s Charlie.”

Denise, who recently adopted a baby girl named Eloise, also revealed that she uses a children’s book on addiction to explain Sheen’s behavior to their daughters, Sam, 7 and Lola, 6.

“As far as the media, I shield them completely, but there were a few things they would hear through other kids,” she said. “I did have a conversation with them about addiction and got a book to read to them because I was just lying to them so much and covering up and telling lies, and it was just getting too confusing.”

Regarding the new addition to her family, Eloise, the actress said her daughters are like to help care for Eloise.

“They are so excited and feel so blessed. They love feeding her and changing her. We’re very happy.”