Leighton Meester’s mother accuses the Gossip Girl star of assault

Leighton Meester recently filed a complaint against her mother.

According to the suit, Connie Meester misappropriated the money her daughter sent her each month to take care of her little brother, Lex, who suffers from severe health problems.

Leighton says her mother spent the $7,500 a month on cosmetic surgery, hair extensions, botox and other personal expenses.

Now, Connie is firing back, alleging that her daughter assaulted her last December.

She accuses Leighton of “repeatedly hitting her with a bottle” so hard her brother had to interfere to stop her.

Leighton’s mother also insists that she doesn’t owe her daughter any money, it’s rather the opposite, as she says she helped launch the career of her daughter.

Connie, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug trafficking, gave birth to Leighton in a prison cell.