British plumber builds world’s longest motorcycle: 22 meters

Colin Furze from Lincolnshire, UK, has managed to create the longest motorcycle in the world.

Furze had to come up with some important changes to support the increased length. He used one and a half 125cc mopeds to which he applied a modified suspension and an extended aluminum frame.

The vehicle is able to carry 25 people, ensuring, at least theoretically, a speed of 55 km / h.

In order to have his invention included in the Guinness World of Records, Furze had to drive the motorcycle over a distance of 100 meters but he eventually covered more than one mile. The former record had belonged to a motorcycle that was only 14 feet long.

“When I first got on it I thought it would never work and at a slow speed it’s almost impossible to keep upright. But once you get going it becomes a bit easier, although it is a real strain on your arms as it has such heavy steering,” Furze said.