Jennifer Aniston warned about boyfriend Justin Theroux by “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is one person that is left unimpressed by Aniston’s new romance and warns the actress, saying that “something’s not right there.”

“I kind of like him, but here’s my problem – he was with the last girl for 15-16 years and one day in walks the girl of his dreams and he just says bye, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! There’s a karmic payback for that,” she told Radar Online.

“He’s handsome and he likes her and she likes him, they’ve got good body language, so it’s a matter of what really went down that he jumped ship from this girl he lived with for 16 years, something’s not right there.”

In addition, she accuses Jennifer of being slightly hypocritical.

“She b*tched about Angelina stealing Brad from her!” she said. “This isn’t a poor schmuck. This is a guy who produces movies. He’s doing major movies this year, he’s acted. He can afford his own place.”

“That tells me he jumped ship from one girl to the other. Then he moves in with her in LA, now they’re looking for a nicer house, it’s too fast. I think he had enough money he could have moved out to L.A., he could have gotten an apartment see how it goes and gone slower.”

“She might be moving too fast she might get hurt, burned,” she adds.

Patti also has a theory regarding reports that Aniston might be trying for a baby with Theroux.

“I feel like she might pull the pregnancy card on him. Maybe she has, she isn’t as skinny as she used to be, and she’s glowing.”