Michael Jackson estate executives: tribute concert promoters are cashing in on MJ

Disappeared two years ago, Michael Jackson will finally receive his tribute concert. This will happen at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on October 8.

Although the family supports the concert, the event was met with discontent and revolt by the Michael Jackson Estate, the group in charge of the singer’s wealth.

The group issued an official statement which shows that such an event is not possible without a prior agreement to use the intellectual property rights.

Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the Estate, sent a letter to promoters of the concert in which they complained that Gene Simons, the bassist for KISS, accused MJ of being a child molester.

“It was extraordinarily embarrassing when no sooner than you announced this ‘news’ that he would participate in your concert that TMZ posted an item noting that Mr. Simmons called Michael Jackson — the man you are purportedly honoring — a child molester,” Weitzman wrote in his letter.

Weitzman also suggests that promoters may be illegally using “intellectual property that is controlled by the Estate” which includes images and songs of the artist.