Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie moving in 16th century Scotland mansion

Brad and Angelina are currently settling in a rented country estate in Scotland . The property is set in a picturesque environment where cows, horses and heather grow.

The family has already enjoyed the natural surroundings as Brad was spotted trout fishing with Maddox, 10, and Pax, 7, while Angelina and 3-year-old Knox admired the flowerbeds.

The property includes a 10-acre garden but also a mansion dating from the 16th century.

And your parents are two of the most famous actors in the world, every day is a new adventure. The couple’s six children had a hell of a ride from London to Glasgow on Tuesday as their dad rented a whole train for their five-hour journey.

“Three cars suddenly drove onto the platform from the street, pulled up alongside the train and then they all got out,” a witness told People.

“Brad was in one car with some of the kids and Angelina was in another with the others. They were all smiling and looked really happy, but then I suppose it’s not every day that a kid gets to have their own train to play with!”