Lady Gaga goes topless for MTV VMA promo clip

The eccentric singer appears in a black-and-white video, performing her new single You And I while sitting at a piano surrounded by a jazz band.

Wearing black trousers and long platinum blonde hair, she takes off her bra and covers herself with a sheet of music.

In the voice-over she says: “Sometimes I’m really happy when I write music; sometimes I’m really angry, sometimes I’m really drunk, or sometimes I’m super-sober. You never really know why, if or how you write music.”

Gaga is nominated for four awards at the musical event: Best Female Video (Born This Way), Best Art Direction (Judas), Best Choreography (Judas) and Best Video With A Message (Born This Way).

Meanwhile, Joss Stone has said in an interview that she disapproves of Gaga’s eccentric wardrobe. The British singer believes that the singer’s bizarre outfits put her musical talent in the background.

“I know the shock value is good and gets people to watch you, but actually [Gaga] can sing songs and she can play piano and it just feels like [her look] might overshadow what talent she does have,” Stone, who’s promoting her latest album “LP1,” she told CYInterview.