Gaddafi’s Fiat 500 seized by the Libyan rebels

Customized by a company in Milan, the vehicle is an electric Fiat 500 Series Capri, bright green with gold trimmings.

For the price of € 200 000, the Colonel had unusual desires, ranging from equipment and materials inside to the replacement of the Fiat logo with a map of Africa, where Libya appears in green.

The first step was the electrification of the model by installing a 34 kW electric engine instead of an internal combustion drive train. Gaddafi’s car was equipped with two sets of batteries, which gave it a range of 260 kilometers.

The interior had beige upholstery with green stitching and sand-colored ceiling. Ornaments such as The Lion of the Desert, a compass-like chart which is a symbol of the Libyan society and the image of the African continent were present inside.

As in the case of 500 Castagna, the model had no side doors or tailgate cover and the ceiling was replaced with an item of cloth.