Eyeborg: Man who lost his eye replaces it with robotic video-camera

Director Rob Spence lost his eye during a childhood shooting accident and it was removed from the socket five years ago.

Referring to himself as “the eyeborg guy”

The small video camera inside his prosthetic eye has neither restored his vision, nor is connected to his brain, but it gives him the ability to create films by transmitting wirelessly to a recording device.

The wireless transmits a video signal instead of a sound signal from the camera.

The video camera records what he sees and sends it in real time to a computer, with the help of wireless technology used for phones.

“It wasn’t easy but because it’s so like (science) fiction, engineers had a lot of fun making it,” Spence said. “I was able to do it without a budget – it was a fun project for these guys.”

A fan of the 1970s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, Spence said he felt like the lead character Adam Jensen from the new computer game Deus Ex.

Now that his bionic eye is functional, the filmmaker is going to make a documentary about the advantages that technology and new prostheses can bring.