Vintage Trouble – “Blues Hand Me Down” vs. “Nancy Lee”

A group [ Ty Taylor (vocal), Nalle Colt (guitar), Rick Barrio Dill (bass guitar) and Richard Danielson (drums) ] with multiple qualities, marked by a great sense of creativity and force, Vintage Trouble amazes audiences with their energetic live acts.

Gracefully, Nancy Lee, Still & Always Will and Blues Hand Me Down are some of their hit songs that bring you back in time to the days when the soul movement was born.

Because they are so amazing, this versus is not going to be about two bands competing each other, because we simply can’t find an equal opponent to Vintage Trouble.

Consequently we ask you to listen to two live performances by Vintage Trouble and choose your favorite.

Though not part of this versus, we invite you to enjoy a live rendition of a song dedicated to Amy Winehouse by Vintage Trouble.

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