Daryl Hannah arrested outside the White House for protest

Daryl Hannah was arrested in front of the White House along with other environmental activists who oppose the construction of a pipeline carrying oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico.

Hannah was among 100 people who took part in a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday to denounce the construction of the TransCanada Keystone XL, a pipeline that would deliver three million barrels of oil from Alberta to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, passing through the center of the United States.

Darryl was sitting on the sidewalk near the White House and refused to obey police who ordered protesters to leave. Consequently, she was handcuffed.

“I do believe we are in a time of crisis for so many things. And in times of crisis, you have to get engaged in the process. You have to walk your talk. Being arrested is something you never hope for. You don’t want to get arrested. But you know it’s a risk you take,” ,” the Kill Bill and Splash star told People after paying fine and being released.

“Civil obedience is a long-heralded American tradition,” she added.

“The majority of people who got arrested with me were moms, grandmothers and school teachers. Like me, they are standing up against this big corporation and saying, ‘No.’ ”

“A third of the nation’s irrigation water comes from there. What’s going to happen when that pipeline leaks? We can’t take that risk.”

The actress has been arrested for similar reasons in the past, particularly concerning urban gardens to coal mining.