Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack is engaged

Lisa Stelly Twitter

Jack Osbourne, 25, is engaged to actress Lisa Stelly.

Stelly, 26, Tweeted: “The most amazing man I’ve ever met asked me to marry him….and he wasn’t joking! Crazy, right? .”

The couple has been dating for four months, according to Britain ‘s Daily Mail.

Jack Osbourne Twitter

They met in 2002 on the set of the on MTV reality show devoted to his family, The Osbournes.

A friend of Lisa told the Us Weekly that the young director has “a great influence on her.It’s just no drama. More stable.”

HIV could be reduced to a “minor infection” thanks to vaccine

After testing the MVA-B vaccine on 24 healthy people, researchers found that 22 of them (92%) developed an immune response to HIV.

Professor Mariano Esteban, head of the team of researchers at the National Biotech Centre in Madrid , explained how the vaccine works: “It is like showing a picture of the HIV so that it is able to recognize it if it sees it again in the future.”

The vaccine contains four HIV genes that stimulate T and B lymphocytes, which are types of white blood cells.

“Our body is full of lymphocytes, each of them programmed to fight against a different pathogen,” Professor Esteban explained.

“Training is needed when it involves a pathogen, like the HIV one, which cannot be naturally defeated”.

Researchers hope that this vaccine will enter production soon.

“If this genetic cocktail passes Phase II and Phase III future clinic trials, and makes it into production, in the future HIV could be compared to herpes virus nowadays,” they said.

“Stay-sober pill” is under development

Tests conducted on mice have shown that although the subjects were given a large amount of alcohol, they didn’t show any sign of dizziness.

The research was conducted by American and Australian scientists studied the way alcohol affects glial cells, which make up 90% of the brain.

These cells have a crucial role in the immune system, helping to combat infections such as meningitis.

During the experiment, the blocking of this immune response produced a remarkable effect, preventing the mice who consumed alcohol from getting drunk.

Not only did they have better reflexes, they also managed to maintain their balance better than other mice whose brain immune cells were allowed to work normally.

Nissan cars will read the driver’s mind in the future

Nissan announced that it would be collaborating with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland (EPFL) on a car that could predict its driver’s intentions.

The human driver will continue to be the one that maintains the vehicle’s control. Thus, the car will read the driver’s thoughts in order to prepare itself for the next maneuver. For example, when the driver will prepare to turn right, the car will adopt the speed and position necessary to perform this action.

Professor José del R. Millán, leading the project, said: “The idea is to blend driver and vehicle intelligence together in such a way that eliminates conflicts between them, leading to a safer motoring environment.”

This summer, the scientists at EPFL teamed up with a researcher from Nissan, Lucian Gheorghe, originally from Romania but who has spent the last 14 years of his life in Japan . Lucian joined Nissan’s Mobility Research Center after graduating in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from Kobe University.

Lucian was responsible for researching Driver Assist systems and searching for new methods of adapting brain science programs into automobile development.

“Brain wave analysis has helped me understand driver burden in order to reduce driver stress. During our collaboration with EPFL, I believe we will not only be able to contribute to the scientific community but we will also find engineering solutions that will bring us close to providing easy access to personal mobility for everyone,” he said.

Melissa McCarthy plans to launch her own plus-size line

The Hollywood Reporter

“Trying to find stuff that’s still fashion-forward in my size is damn near impossible,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

The 41-year-old recently won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in the sitcom Mike & Molly. To prepare for the ceremony, she had to go through “9 million dresses with taffeta or shiny bows,” in order to find something to wear.

Being unsuccessful in finding a proper outfit, Melissa collaborated with couture dressmaker Daniella Pearl to create her own.

The mother-of-two says her figure can often get frustrating.

“The stupid stuff like what I wear or how I look I can’t control, so I just try not to give much energy to it,” she says.

“At 20, I would have been like: “Don’t they like me? Was it my hair?” At 41, I think the things that define me, I hope, are a lot more than those kind of petty things.”

McCarthy also revealed her nervousness when receiving the Emmy Award live TV.

“I remember my knees went first,” she says. “And I thought: “Oh God, please don’t fall down. Just keep upright. You’re in a dress. Your mum and dad are watching.””

Casey Anthony’s reaction to Caylee’s death caught on tape, video to be released

The video, which has no sound, was recorded on Dec. 11, 2008 , the day 2-year-old Caylee’s skeletal remains were found. It reportedly shows Anthony suffering an anxiety attack.

The reason the tape was initially sealed is that it could have influenced the jury’s decision in her murder trial.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry ordered the unsealing of the video, arguing that the recording is a public record and the original reason for sealing it is no longer a factor.

“There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in jail,” Judge Belvin Perry wrote in his ruling. “The jail video, as the court has previously recognized, is a public record subject to disclosure.”

He continued, “The reason for sealing it – Ms. Anthony’s right to a fair trial – is no longer applicable because the trial has been completed and she has been acquitted of all charges other than lying to law enforcement officer.”

Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, argued that the unsealing the tape would be an invasion of his client’s privacy under HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protects patients’ rights to privacy.

At the time, Anthony was in a jail medical facility and asked for a sedative to calm down.

However, Judge Perry pointed that Anthony was in a waiting room, not in a treatment room, and that the administration of a sedative in the waiting room did not “convert the incident into a medical evaluation.”

“I think that Mr. Baez will agree with the court’s assessment that this is a waiting room, but Mr. Baez’s argument is since they gave her some medication, it transformed the waiting room into a treatment room,” he said.

According to a source close to Anthony and cited by People, she is doing “well” and “hopes she will someday redeem herself and live a productive life.”

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have separated…on Twitter, Ashton still wearing his wedding band


According to Radar Online, Ashton, who is followed by 671 people and goes by the handle @aplusk, has temporarily cut his wife from that list.

Moore, who tweets as @mrskutcher, also ceased to follow her husband for a while before re-adding him recently.

Kutcher was reportedly wearing his wedding ring when he was spotted near a motorcycle dealer in Hollywood Thursday, according to TMZ.

The photos show the actor emerging from the store with two new motorcycle helmets and with his wedding band still on his finger.

Recent reports claim that Kutcher cheated on Moore in San Diego on their wedding anniversary last weekend with a 23-year-old woman named Sara Leal.

Kutcher fired back on Thursday, directing fans to Public Enemy’s song Don’t Believe The Hype and writing, “When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME.”

LeAnn Rimes on Eddie Cibrian affair and anorexia rumors

During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, LeAnn addressed the scandal that broke out two years ago when it was found that she and current hubby Eddie had an affair.

“You have to really take the high road a lot of the time when you want to stand on a mountain and scream like, Why are you saying this?” she said Thursday.

“We’ve always put his kids first,” she adds, referring to Cibran’s two children from his previous marriage to Brandi Glanville. “We took the kids into consideration with everything that we do. Sometimes you just want to scream. But you don’t. We’ve learned to let it go and laugh at it, at the end of the day.”

As for how she faced the situation, she commented: “It could’ve been handled a lot better. But maybe we both didn’t have the tools at the time to do it properly. But I’ve learned a lot … Obviously we all make choices that lead us into a different path, here and there, and you learn from those or you don’t.”

“It obviously brought us to the place where we are now. And we’re happy, and we’re married. … I think we have both come to a really good place in our lives. And right now, I’m really at peace,” she added.

During the interview, LeAnn also talked about the controversy concerning her weight, claiming that she owes her looks to diet and exercise, not an eating disorder.

She said the media has been “very irresponsible calling a lot of people fat or anorexic or bulimic or whatever it may be. It seems like bullying now instead of really taking these diseases seriously that a lot of people are going through.”

iPhone 5 could feature a voice command system

An invitation was sent to the press on Tuesday, titled “Let’s talk iPhone”. Speculation is still rife as to whether an iPhone 4S will also be presented during the event.

In addition to the date, time and location, a small “1″ can be seen on the icon with the phone, which may indicate the presentation of a single device.

As for the slogan, some say it could refer to an advanced voice control system, called Assistant.

According to the 9to5Mac blog, Assistant is activated by holding down the phone’s home button for about two seconds. Calendar appointments, reminders, sending SMSs, asking for directions can be created by voice, using normal English sentences.

The blog adds that Assistant can engage in conversation with the user when performing these tasks.