Apple losses yet another iPhone 5 prototype

According to a source cited by CNET, a prototype of a future iPhone has been lost by an Apple employee in a bar in late July, just over a year after a similar episode.

Apple promptly responded by contacting the police and tracking the terminal that led a young man in his 20s living in the neighborhood of Bernal Heights .

The man admitted he was at Cava 22 on the fateful night. However, he denied having any connection with the disappearance of the phone.

The phone was apparently sold for $ 200 to a website but the information has yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime, everybody’s waiting for an anonymous picture on the net… Unless Apple’s lawsuit against Brian Hogan and Sage Wallowa, accused of selling the lost iPhone 4 prototype to the site Gizmodo for $ 5,000 last year, had a strong effect.

The mystery remains unsolved but rumors are still rife regarding the iPhone 5.