Fake breasts and bottom for 4-year-old creates controversy at beauty pageant

The latest edition presents a star in the making.

4-year-old Maddy Jackson is a constant participant in beauty pageants with the help of her ​​mother Lindsay and her grandmother Barbara, her most fervent admirers.

Lindsay has turned daughter in a voluptuous miniature of the country singer Dolly Parton, known for her ample cleavage, with false breasts and butt enhancements, not to mention the pink lycra dress and the blonde wig.

Maddy also learned to highlight her feminine curves (if one can talk about that in the case of a 4-yar-old) when performing live on stage.

The little girl doesn’t seem embarrassed by the outfit she wears. On the contrary, she actually enjoys it. Her mother Lindsay finds nothing wrong or unhealthy about Maddy’s appearance.

Interviewed by NBC, Lindsay, who entered her first pageant contest when she was nine months old, was keen to defend her daughter: “To some people, it’s over the top, to us it’s just what happens… It’s just normal. When she wears the fake boobs and the fake butt, it’s just like extra bonus.”

Maddy’s stylist Michael Booth is among those who aren’t very excited about the tactics that the toddler is subjected to by her mother.

“I wasn’t a big fan of the outfit with the boobs in it. She’s very young, but hopefully the judges will perceive it in good taste,” he said.

The case caused outrage among people who believe that other children will be influenced to behave similarly. A group that advocates for the cancellation of the show was created on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time controversy is sparked in the world of beauty pageant. Kerry Campbell, a mother in California , came into public attention after admitting that she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox to remove the wrinkles that appeared on the child’s face when she smiled.