Britney Spears would like to perform for William and Kate

In the magazine’s October issue, the singer finds “hilarious” the fact that Prince William was one of her admirers when he was younger, as he had a poster of her on his bedroom wall.

Today, she would invite him and his new wife Kate to come watch one of her concerts.

“That would be amazing! That would be really crazy and cool. I think [William and Kate] are a beautiful couple and I totally respect and admire them,” she said.

Britney, who turns 30 on December 2, also talks about how she’s planning a spectacular bash for her upcoming birthday, despite being on tour in South America at that time.

“I’m really excited and will definitely do something spectacular,” the singer revealed. “I’m going to be in South America so I’ll have to do something pretty fun. A carnival of Britney? I don’t think I’ll be doing that! It’ll be something a little more low-key.”

“I think the older you get, the wiser you get. I can’t wait,” she added.

[Photo: Glamour]