Radioactive microspheres – a new cancer treatment

Brian Brooks, 72, was diagnosed with bowel cancer, which spread to the liver, and he was given less than a year to live.

Brooks underwent a procedure that lasted only days and consisted of having small radioactive resin beads injected into his bloodstream to destroy the liver cancer.

He was also subjected to a procedure called radioembolisation, which is part of the Foxfire trial held at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge , UK .

Thanks to the new procedure and subsequent chemotherapy, the cancer is now in remission.

Radioembolisation presupposes the transmission of powerful radiation in the bloodstream and directly into the tumor.

The radioactive particles are absorbed into the tumor through its blood supply. It then kills the cancer cells and keeps the healthy ones alive.

“I was given a death sentence, it’s a very difficult thing to get your head around,” Brooks told the Daily Telegraph.

Mr. Brooks was one of the approximately 40 patients who received this treatment as part of the Foxfire trial.