Gérard Depardieu pokes fun at his peeing incident for French TV – VIDEO

In an original way to promote the upcoming Asterix and Obelix movie, Depardieu and his co-star in the film appear in character in a parody of the now-infamous act of urinating on a plane.

In the video, Depardieu, in his role as Obelix, is accompanied by his friend Edouard Baer (who plays Asterix), who had earlier defended him in the scandal.

The case caused a stir in August. While traveling by plane to Dublin in the company of Edouard Baer, ​​Gérard Depardieu urinated in a plane cabin after he was refused permission by a flight attendant to use the rest room during takeoff.

This time, there is no emergency to relieve his bladder, but his character’s love for wild boar.

“I can’t wait, I must have one now,” he insists, as his friend Asterix and the hostess try to dissuade him from throwing a “swine” roast during the takeoff, to no avail.

The clip also parodies the response of the passengers that were on the plane as one of them immediately calls a radio station to report the incident.