Jonah Shacknai’s mansion death: Rebecca Zahau suicide examiner reveals message written on the bedroom door


According to, Medical Examiner Investigator Dana Gary told San Diego ‘s CBS News 8 about a message painted in black that was written on a bedroom door. The paint that was used is the same found on Zahau’s hands and the rope around her neck.

“I noted black painted writings on the bedroom door that led into the room with the balcony,” said Gary . “The writing ‘She Saved Him Can You Save Her’ in black paint was on the hallway side of the bedroom door.”

The autopsy report also revealed that “tape residue” was discovered on both Rebecca Zahau’s legs and part of a T-shirt stuffed in her mouth, when she was found hanging on July 13.

Despite Rebecca’s death being officially ruled a suicide, her family strongly disagrees and plan to prove that the cause of death was homicide, claiming her religious beliefs would have prevented her from doing so.

“My sister was murdered, that’s it,” Snowem Horwath told HLN’s Vinnie Politan. “There is no way, no way, my sister would commit suicide in such a state.”

The suicide conclusion “doesn’t pass the smell test,” the family’s attorney Anne Bremner told HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell.

“My sister never had a psychiatric problem, never (had) been on psychiatric medication and never had attempted suicide, let alone ever talked about harming herself,” her sister Mary Zahau-Loehner said.

She also added that she spoke to her sister the night before her death. Rebecca told her she was going to bring Shacknai breakfast and clothes the next morning to the hospital where his son was being treated.

“Too detailed planning for someone who’s planning to end their life that night,” Zahau-Loehner said.