Madonna doesn’t like fan’s hydrangeas gift

At a recent press conference at the Venice Film Festival in Italy , the 53-year-old star received a bouquet of hydrangeas from an adoring fan.

“This flower for you,” the fan said. “You are my princess. Thank you so much.”

Madonna smiled and thanked the fan.

She glared at her assistant who obviously understood her, and swiftly shoved the flowers under the table.

She then turned to the person sitting to her right and remarked, obviously unaware that cameras were already rolling: “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas! He obviously doesn’t know that.”

Later, as the flower-giver asked what had happened to the hydrangea, Madonna said: “Oh, um, my assistant took them.”

Similar to her reaction to the hydrangeas gift, critics are left unimpressed by her directorial effort W.E. after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival.