Miley Cyrus insists she’s not a bad girl in interview with Prestige


Judging by the photos featured in the latest edition of the magazine, it appears Hannah Montana is turning into a woman.

Dressed in a black skirt and a drop down crimson top revealing a bit of a boob side, Miley seems to adapt a new Lolita image.

“I’m not a bad girl,” she said in the interview.

In the past year, Cyrus has been the subject of some negative publicity, due to racy photos, wild parties, and a bong video, among others.

Miley also talks about her upcoming filming projects, which includes starring in the movie So Undercover.

“I’ve got kind of a weird, dark sense of humor, really dry humor, so I would love to do more comedies. But not the comedies that people have seen me in. There’s a comedy that I’m working on now and it’s something a little darker,” she reveals.