Rosie O’Donnell says she’s left anger issues behind

In the interview, Rosie opens up about her split with Kelli Carpenter four years ago, which she calls “Humbling. And humiliating … In the O’Donnell family, no one had ever been divorced.”

O’Donnell also speaks about overcoming anger issues she’s had in the past, saying she has reached a point where she’s “able to function more normally.”

“You know, I think I had a lot more rage than I was aware of,” she explains. “But I’ve gotten back access to my other feelings. I’m not cut off from my emotions anymore … The rage has gone away … There’s been a healing.”

“I had, like, zero estrogen,” O’Donnell says. “And since I got some, I’ve been able to function more normally. I’ve stopped being so angry.”

Regarding her status as a celebrity, Rosie says: “The problem is, fame is held up as the brass ring, the place you want to get to…But I’m telling you, you’re missing the real moments of your life while craving this thing that doesn’t allow you to have them anymore.”

“There are some things I’ll never get back, like the normality of life pre-fame. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that fame is like a tattoo – it doesn’t go away.”

The mom of four also discusses her children, Parker, 16, Chelsea, 14, Blake, 12, and Vivienne, 9.

“The truth is, I’m a little socially awkward with adults, I still need Relationship 101,” she says. “But I was always comfortable around kids and always wanted a family of my own.”

[Photo: O, The Oprah Magazine]