John Galliano gets a $8,500 fine for anti-Semitic remarks

The former Dior designer was ordered Thursday to pay the fine for anti-Semitic and racial insults. Galliano was charged with insulting a couple last February and another woman in October 2010.

The scandal led to his sacking from the fashion house Dior.

He will also have to pay a symbolic one euro fine to one of the plaintiffs in the case.

In this way, the court spared the designer, taking into account his apology and his willingness to treat his addiction.

The designer chose not to attend the deliberations.

His lawyer, Aurélien Hamelle, told reporters outside the courtroom that it was a “wise decision” and added that his client was now “very relieved” by the outcome of this case.

The court finally imposed a fine to the creator of $ 8 500 suspended, but avoid it ending up behind bars.

During his trial, Galliano took the stand in his own defense and said that he didn’t remember anything. He explained that he was suffering at the time from a “triple addiction” to alcohol, sleeping pills and Valium.