Hugh Jackman wouldn’t have that fit body but for his career

“I don’t really enjoy training. People say it’s addictive, but I’m like, ‘Not so much,’” he tells the magazine. “If I weren’t getting paid or didn’t have a character like Wolverine to maintain, I would just be a tall, lean, fit guy.”

To prepare for the filming of the upcoming Wolverine movie, Jackman follows a strict diet of 6000 calories per day to increase his muscle mass.

But as time passes maintaining that level of excellence is increasingly hard, he admits.

“Over the past three or four years it’s gotten a lot tougher,” Hugh says. “I have to eat a stricter diet. I have to train even harder. I can’t get away with what I used to.”

The next Wolverine film is scheduled to arrive in theaters in 2013.

[Photo: Men’s Fitness]