Katherine Schwarzenegger says she and mom Maria Shriver are “inseparable”

Although only 21, Katherine credited her mother for offering her support and encouraging her.

“I have the best mother in the whole entire world,” she told People. “I could not have asked for a better mom. She supports me in everything that I do. She’s always there for me, and we’re, like, inseparable.”

“I always say we talk way too much. … I actually tell her everything. I should probably stop doing that! Because we’re just so close,” she added.

Upon arriving at the event, Maria Shiver greeted her daughter and her friends with warm hugs, and told Katherine “You look gorgeous.”

She later told a friend: “My little girl. … It’s shocking!”

Katherine also talked to People about her college plans for her senior year at USC and revealed her troubles in finding the right guy.

“My goal this year as a senior is to act more my age,” she said. “Last year, I was very caught up in doing my book stuff and traveling and stuff. So I think that this year, I’m really making an effort to have a lot of fun with my friends, to go out, be a 21-year-old and to have fun.”

“I’ve definitely had a few guys who you think that you like and you go on a date with them and it turns out that their main priority is asking about body building questions or ‘Can I go work out with your dad?’ ” she says. “I’m like, ‘Okay! I see where this date is going.’ ”

She continued: “I just assume that the right person will come along who accepts me for who I am and it won’t be such a problem. But it’s definitely a challenge, I will say that.”