Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney dating rumors

According to People, Taylor Kinney, who starred in the Vampire Diaries, met Gaga in July during the filming of her last clip, You and I.

The two quickly become close and now their relationship seems to have taken a new step.

During Labor Day weekend, Gaga, 25, and Kinney, 30, were seen in the Mission Viejo , Calif. A source close to Gaga confirmed to the magazine that the duo “were hanging out” over the holiday.

“I couldn’t tell it was her at first,” a source told RadarOnline. “It just looked like some hot couple making out, but then I realized it was Lady Gaga! Everyone went nuts! She was so sweet too, she even signed some autographs.”

The following day they were seen walking hand in hand on the Mission Boulevard .

“Her hair was a little messy. It definitely seemed like a ‘morning after’ situation,” an insider revealed. “They are obviously totally into each other!”

Kinney appeared in The Vampire Diaries as Mason Lockwood.