9/11 tragedy predicted by 1988 drawing

13 years before the attacks of September 11, British amateur artist Willie Gardner drew what was to happen in 2001 in America , The Sun reports. With images of smoke, flames, two passenger airplanes, skyscrapers and a scared child, the painting looks like an eerie “premonition” image.

Gardner died last year aged 78, taking with him to the grave a possible explanation of what pushed him to draw it. He kept the drawing in a back office at a Scottish community centre.

Willie’s daughter Aileen, 53, said: “It sends a shiver down people’s spines. My father never showed any psychic qualities when he was alive but it’s like he predicted the future.”

“It’s chilling that what he drew 13 years earlier went on to become such horrible reality.”

The picture is now promoted to the foyer of Grangemouth’s Community Education Unit in Stirlingshire.

The Sun reports that the image resembles the 9/11 attacks so much that many visitors believe it is a tribute to the victims.

Gardner ’s daughter said: “My father was a great artist but although this image is spooky there was nothing supernatural about him. He was interested in science fiction, though.”

“Thousands of people all over the world are now sending dad’s picture to each other over the internet. His ‘premonition’ has meant he’s become a famous artist at last.”

The impact of the drawing is even higher at this moment as tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of the tragic events.