Kate Gosselin promises to return to reality TV

“There is sadness, because it’s the end of an era,” Kate said. “I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they’re now questioning what’s gonna happen.”

“I feel sad for fans, because they’re devastated,” she said. “They’re saying, you know, you’re the neighbor moving far away and we won’t see you again.”

“There’s also fear because this has been, although maybe not my career, it has been the start essentially of my career and my job and the way I’ve been providing for my kids for six years. And so you know, it is a little scary.”

Regarding the fact that her ex-husband Jon recently criticized her, saying, “Reality TV is not a career,” Kate replied:

“Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids, and working a regular job. I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent. I think at this point the best opportunity for everyone would be me continuing in TV as a way to provide for my kids.”

Jon Gosselin has been opposed to his children’s constant exposure to reality TV since the couple’s split in 2009. However, Kate said she is open to the idea of having her kids on TV if the opportunity ever appeared.