Amy Winehouse’s death: her father Mitch thinks Blake is not to blame

Mitch Winehouse’s says he does not blame Amy’s ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil for her death, calling her disappearance a “horrible accident.”

“I blame him for a lot of things. He started her on the road to hard drugs. But her death was a horrible accident. It was her responsibility,” he told the British newspaper.

“She was told that if she detoxed without medical intervention, this whole thing could happen. He started her off on the road to drugs. But I don’t blame him for her death,” Mitch added.

Mitch says he thinks Amy died of a seizure due to alcohol withdrawal.

He explained: “She had seizures because she would binge drink and then stop. She had one in a hotel room in New York once when she was on Skype to a friend.”

“She conked out in front of him. I had to ring hotel security and they rushed in there. She had that history. We won’t know until the outcome of the inquest, but that’s what we suspect was the cause.”

Amy’s father also revealed that she wanted to marry and start a family with her boyfriend Reg Traviss.

“When Reg came on the scene, he was a breath of fresh air. I believe they would have married,” he said.

“She wanted to have children and what nicer person to have them with than Reg. His manners are from a bygone era. He looked like my dad in the 1940s. It is so sad they never had the life they planned. They would have been on holiday now, for Amy’s birthday.”