Miss Universe 2011: Leila Lopes of Angola wins pageant

Lopes, 25, succeeds Ximena Navarrete, who was crowned Miss Universe in 2010.

For her interview question she was asked what physical trait she would change if she could.

“Thank God I’m very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn’t change a thing,” Lopes said. “I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty. I have acquired many wonderful principles from my family and I intend to follow these for the rest of my life.”

Lopes competed with 89 contestants. In the end she beat Olesia Stefanko of Ukraine , Priscila Machado of Brazil , Shamcey Supsup of Philippines and Luo Zilin of China . In all, 10 countries occupied the front row at the end, including Australia , Costa Rica , France , Portugal and Panama .

“As Miss Angola I’ve already done a lot to help my people,” Lopes said after taking home the crown. “I’ve worked with various social causes. I work with poor kids, I work in the fight against HIV. I work to protect the elderly and I have to do everything that my country needs. I think now as Miss Universe I will be able to do much more.”

The 60th edition of Miss Universe took place Monday night at the Credicard Hall theater in São Paulo , Brazil , and was watched by more than one billion viewers around the world.

Miss Angola will sign a 1-year contract with the Miss Universe organization, which has been owned by Donald Trump since 1996, to serve various humanitarian causes, most notably maintaining peace and the fight against HIV.

She will also receive jewelry and clothing and will benefit from training courses.